Rs. 75,000 Scholarships For Bright Minds: Important Things To Know

Rs 75,000 Scholarships For Bright Minds: Important Things To Know

NEW DELHI: Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar on September 7 this year said there will soon be a ‘Prime Minister scholarship’ under which Rs. 75,000 per month will be given to the best 1,000 talented students. According to the minister, the main objective of bringing in such a scholarship is: to arrest brain drain and encourage innovation in the country. Though, there have been various announcements about the scholarships, the cabinet is yet to give the nod for this Rs. 75,000 scholarships.

Since 1000s of researchers are waiting for the final announcement about this much awaited scholarship in the education science and engineering stream, here we are trying to put together all the important information we have gathered so far:

Rs. 75,000 Scholarships For Bright Minds: Important Things
‘Prime Minister scholarship’: More details about are expected

When to apply and where

According to the minister, the Union Cabinet will soon give its nod to Rs. 75,000 monthly scholarship scheme for bright students in higher education institutes to arrest brain drain and encourage innovation.

“We are also starting PM Scholarship. I have already signed the Cabinet note. That is under circulations. It will come to the Cabinet very soon,” Mr Javadekar said recently.

The details about ‘where to apply’ will be released after the cabinet nod is given to the scholarship.

For Whom

According to the HRD Minister Mr Javadekar, the scholarship is meant for bright sparks at institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and universities where required infrastructure is being provided under the Vishwajeet project and Uchchatar Avishkar Yojana.

The Central Government has launched several initiatives viz. National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), Impacting Research, Innovation & Technology (IMPRINT), Uchchtar Avishkar Yojna (UAY), Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) in the field of education for the qualitative development of education in the country.

Uchchatar Avishkar Yojana was announced by HRD Ministry during IIT Council Meeting on 6th October, 2015 to promote innovation in areas relevant to manufacturing and design industry and to spur innovative mind set in the students and faculty in premier technological institutes. It also aims to bring a coordinated action between academic and the industry and also to have outcome-based research funding.

According to the HRD Ministry, the scholarship will be for the best of the best brains who innovate.

What are the objectives of the scholarship

First, the government wants to stop the brain drain. The minister hopes that this scholarship will further push Make in India and help retain talent in the country.
“I always wonder why our best of the best brains go to foreign countries – because they have three difficulties here. First, in foreign countries they get best of the best research labs, then they get best of the scholarships so they can survive and maintain themselves, and then they get the best guidance.

“Now we are bringing all these three things together,” the HRD Minister said.

How much money we are talking about

According to the latest statement by the HRD Minister, it will be Rs. 75,000 per month scholarship, which would be given to 1,000 students (in higher education institutes and universities).
Presently researcher-students get Rs. 25,000 as monthly scholarship at IITs.

According to the list published by IIT Bombay in its official website, PhD scholars are given scholarship of Rs. 25000 p.m. for first two years now and after completion of two years of fellowship and on receipt of satisfactory report on successful presentation of Progress Seminar, the fellowships are enhanced to Rs. 28000 p.m. for remaining years (i.e. 3rd, 4th, & 5th year).

But the government and the government officials have come with various amounts in various occasions about the grant to be distributed among the bright the minds. Union higher education secretary Kewal Kumar Sharma had on August 19 this year announced that, the government will provide Rs. 70,000 as monthly fellowship to those researchers doing their PhDs in IITs or IISc while addressing students and faculty members during the 67th Foundation Day of IIT Kharagpur. He had talked about 2,000 such scholarships then.

Before that, in August last year, an IIT official told PTI that, the central government was planning to grant new scholarships worth Rs. 60,000 per month for five years to students of IITs selected to promote innovation.

Let’s hope, its Rs. 75,00 or more.