MNC vs startup: Deciding on the ‘right pick’ to start your career

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As the years of education, the rigours of an extensive course, and the days of college life culminate, focus grows on the big day – campus placement. While working in a big conglomerate remains a dream for most graduates, the likes of Flipkart, Ola, and Paytm have also shown that startups are attractive in more than one way.

Over the last decade, the Indian startup ecosystem has emerged as an attractive career choice. Startups have emerged as worthy competitors to financial muscle flexing corporates when it comes to talent acquisition. With burgeoning funding kitties and operations soaring vertically, startups – both established and fledgeling – have arrived on the Day 1 placement scene at tier-1 colleges. Naturally, this puts them in direct contention with the big players when it comes to talent acquisition.

But even then the proverbial dilemma of the “right pick” still bothers many graduates who bounce between the lucrative offers MNCs have to offer and the possible exposure and growth that they stand to gain at a startup. For that reason, we look at what MNCs and startups have to offer. Hopefully, this will help graduates make an informed decision that will take their career in the right direction.