How Lasell College Uses Online Programs to Lower Costs for Students

Wikimedia Commons

Getting a college education is hard enough as it is nowadays. Prices are high, acceptance rates are low, and the constant competition is hard. Thankfully, universities like Lasell College are trying to make getting a higher education easier, with a growing online education program. This college’s online curriculum lowers costs for students at a surprising rate.

This past month, we interviewed Michael B. Alexander, President of Lasell College, in Newton, MA. We discuss Lasell’s online services, which include an immense amount of purely online courses as well as hybrid online courses for students. Lasell even made the U.S. News and World Report list for the best online graduate business programs (non-MBA).

Lasell offers a variety of online courses, all led by educators in their designated fields. Some are specifically aimed at graduate certifications, while others are MBA programs. These courses range from programs on emergency crisis management, to public relations, and even hospitality and event management.

Alexander goes in depth into Lasell’s pricing for online courses, and discusses their newest pilot program. He hopes to grow the individual’s experience while at college, even when enrolled in online classes. Lasell College is part of a group of small colleges who are working to create lower cost models for independent colleges.

“There is no way to significantly lower the cost without changing the way we deliver the education,” Alexander noted.

But even with this, Lasell manages to shell out credits for around $600 a piece, significantly lower than other colleges around the Massachusetts area, and something the Lasell administration is immensely proud of. The college hopes these online courses can help students get ahead of their current academic plan. Lasell is able to create these interactive online courses with the help from Moodle, an online learning platform.

As more students turn away from the standard four year college experience, online programs like Lasell’s will continue to rise and bring in students who want a better shot at getting a higher education.