Diphupar students to agitate against govt. on scholarship

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 The Diphupar Naga Students’ Union has decided to carried out a poster campaign as part of it 1st phase of agitation against the state government and the concerned department for non-disbursement of scholarship.
A press statement from the union president Kumlamo Patton and general secretary Pitovi Achumi, stated that in the of failure of the government to meet their demand within a stipulated time, the office of the union will not hesitate to carry out further course of action.
The students union also appealed to all the right thinking individuals and organisations to support the student fraternity in the fight for justice.
“The callous attitude of the state government and the concerned department towards the plight of the students is beyond any measure of human tolerability/patience. Inspite of the repeated appeals to the state government by the students to release their scholarship, the government has paid no heed to the demands, which shows its indifferent attitude towards the student fraternity,” the release stated.
Therefore, in the interest of the student community, the union has resolved to confront injustice till every student receives his/her scholarship that is due.
The union also mentioned that it has also come to the notice that while the amount of admission and monthly fees paid by the students keeps rising on annual basis, the amount of scholarship paid to the students has remained stagnant for the past decade which defies any logical explanation.
In addition the scholarship paid at the present rate does not even cover 1/3 of the students annual expenditure. So the decision of the government to release the scholarship on instalment basis is a mockery to the state’s education system and reflects the seriousness of the government towards the students, upon whom the future of the state and country lies, the release added.
The student union also stated that the scholarship scandals is just one among many instances of broad day-light robbery wherein, the students do not receive the support and facilities that are meant for them, as the government and concerned officials consider it is a bonus packages that comes with the position they hold.
In this scenario, the union said “we are only reminded of an old Brazilian saying which when applied in the context of Nagaland could be re-interpreted as, “If shits were worth anything, the students would be born without asses.”
In the interest of the student community, the union demanded that the remaining amount of scholarship be released immediately.