How Digital India can Transform The Education Sector

Digital Education is definitely creating a landmark in the field of education by pushing India closer to attain its education goals. The process of imparting education is completely a different scenario when we compare the same with a picture of two decades from now. Today we don’t need access to time, money or school, all we just need is a good internet connection and good devices (computer, mobile, laptops etc).

The youths of today are completely driven by technology, acknowledging considerable potential, readiness considerable assimilate and learning using digital media. Digital learning is just way beyond providing students with a laptop. Digital learning mainly requires a sequence of instruction, digital content and technology.

  • Technology: It is a tool to deliver content. It is a system that facilitates students to receive content. It comprises of internet access and hardware and any internet access devices. That is, the new generation is born and brought up in a digital era; they would rather enjoy learning their CBSE Books through this advancement in technology rather than sticking to traditional methodology of learning.
  • Digital Content: It is an academic material that is delivered to students through technology. It is not just a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF. It is a high quality, interactive and adaptive software that delivers classic video lecture and games.
  • Instruction: Instructors are an essential component to digital learning. Though technology can change the role of an instructor it can never eradicate the role of an instructor. With digital learning, instructors will be able to provide assistance and personalised guidance in to ensure students stay on track.

Digital India can transform the Education Sector

  • Establishment of knowledge-based society: It is one of the earnest programs to transform India into a digitally empowered society. This program includes initiatives that impart education using technologies such as mobile phones, education apps, and internet services to remote areas where it is not possible for instructors to present in person.
  • Improve attendance in School: Majority of children with age group of zero to eight years do not have access to quality education. Workshop in India uses media as a tool to help children to learn about life and academic skills that strengths overall physical, socio-economical development.

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