Career Website: 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Solution For Your Company

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Recruitment is a highly strategic activity: a failed recruitment is costly to the company, some profiles are increasingly rare and, on the other hand, a successful recruitment can boost the development of a company, a service or ‘a team. How to adopt the right reflexes when you want to (re) think the recruiter’s first tool, his career site?

The traditional recruitment methods now show their limits. The number of sites proposing job offers continues to increase and for all the recruiters agree on the fact that the quality of the applications decreases. While some strategic positions justify the expensive use of headhunting, most recruitments are not. The cost of a missed recruitment is no longer acceptable for companies as it is high: the cost of announcements, time spent managing applications, training of the newcomer, an investment made to welcome the candidate, the cost of the Recruitment agency, etc.

If in the years 2000, to pass through these sites of an announcement was indispensable, the wealth of applications, sites, and other social networks have come to change the situation in terms of recruitment. Much more than a job card, the candidate now bases his candidacy on the candidate experience that he can live and on the employer’s vision proposed to him.