XSeries Program Overview

The Aerodynamics XSeries takes learners from the fundamentals of fluid mechanics to their application in aerodynamics. Learners gain a conceptual understanding of critical fluid dynamic phenomena from boundary layers to shock waves, and develop a firm foundation in the aerodynamic methods used to analyze and design modern aircraft. The concepts learned are relevant to other areas including wind turbines, hydrodynamics, and even bird flight.

The Aerodynamics XSeries is appropriate for students with a solid background in mechanics, vector calculus, and differential equations.


What You’ll Learn

  • To apply the fundamentals of aerodynamics to predict and analyze flow behavior especially for airfoils and wings
  • To quantify aerodynamic forces on airfoils and wings from a wide range of flows from subsonic to supersonic speeds
  • To quantify the role viscous flows and boundary layers and how they apply to aerodynamics and flight
  • To create aerodynamic models of airfoils and wings for use in the analysis of the aerodynamic forces on and motion of flight vehicles
When you’ve finished, and take a wider look at what you’ve learned, you’ll be amazed at the size of your toolbox – how much you can predict about the aerodynamic performance of a wing based on the slimmest description and the range of conditions you can model.
Steven Frank

Courses in this XSeries Program

This series is ideally taken in sequence, but each course can be taken individually.

Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics
Discover the concepts, theories, models, and methods used in the aerodynamic analysis and design of modern aircraft.

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Started on February 9, 2016

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Introduction to Aerodynamics
Discover the basic fluid dynamic concepts behind aircraft analysis and design.

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In-depth Knowledge… Certified.

An XSeries is a group of courses that add up to a rich understanding of an area of study. As you learn, you prove you have the knowledge with the Verified Certificates you earn in each course. Once you pass the entire series, receive a personalized XSeries Certificate that shows you put in the work, understand the material, and you have a shareable certificate to prove it!

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