Only 8 Lakh Vacancies Posted on National Career Service Portal Since 2015

New Delhi: The government’s flagship online employment exchange — National Career Service (NCS) portal — despite an investment of Rs 100 crore and widespread publicity, has just been able to create only 8 lakh jobs since it was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2015.

The data was provided by the MoS Ministry of Labour Santosh Gangwar in response to a question asked by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, about the number of jobs created in the last three years through the national online employment exchange.

In his response, Gangwar said that his ministry, which runs the NCS portal, maintains a record of the vacancies posted on the portal but doesn’t maintain information about the placement of the candidates. This means that while a little over 8 lakh vacancies were posted on the portal, not all of them may have resulted in jobs.

According to the minister, around 46,000 jobs were posted in the first year of its inception — 2015-16, 5.17 lakh jobs were posted on the website in 2016-17, and 2.45 lakh jobs were posted on it in the following year. The total jobs posted on the website was 8.09 lakh.

“The NCS has registration of over 3.94 crore job-seekers, 14.86 lakh employers and 8.09 lakh vacancies have been mobilized as on December 31, 2017,” Gangwar claimed in the Parliament.

By March 2016, a year after the portal had been launched, there was 3.6 crore job seekers, 9.6 lakh employers and 45,911 vacancies were registered with NCS.

The data shows a slowdown in the number of jobs posted on the employment portal last year, and considering the number of job seekers it was likely to attract was 20 crore vis-a-vis the actual job seekers active on the platform — 3.94 crore — the response from job seekers also seems to be lukewarm.

In addition to this, Gangwar claimed that a little over one lakh jobs had been provided through various jobs that the portal had facilitated in coordination with various state governments.

Most of these jobs, around 1.63 lakh, had been created in Maharashtra and it was followed by 1.63 lakh jobs in Karnataka.

NCS portal was launched in July 2015 to replace the National employment Service that was a network of 978 employment exchanges. On it are posted vacancies from almost all government departments along with some vacancies in private companies as well.